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Updated: Jan 26

In partnership with Battersea Arts Centre and Curated Makers, supported by Today at Apple.

Segments of the photography and illustration by four of the BAC's artists.

Curated Makers are the bridge between big and small retail businesses. Our mission is to deliver unique, soulful and local shopping experiences that connect creatives, retailers and shoppers.

In April 2023, in recognition of our current store in Battersea Power Station, we were invited to start building a really exciting new bridge, one that would create and support some truly wonderful new local connections.

We founded a partnership with another passionate, creative, values-driven business; Battersea Arts Centre. They are a lively creative hub and performance space, developing boundary pushing theatre, comedy and dance and hosting workshops for young people. Their world-leading Beatbox Academy performed at the Apple Store’s community launch event which was a thrilling treat, the likes of which we’d never seen before!

Battersea Arts Centre is a home for the extraordinary. We harness the incredible power of arts, creativity and collective imagination to create a better future for everyone: a future that is more inclusive, more sustainable and fairer.

In what you can imagine was a very exciting step for both our businesses, the partnership between us came about thanks to the largest, most innovative company in the world, Apple! At the heart of every Apple Store is the desire to inspire and support the community around them. To celebrate the new store at Battersea Power Station and their new neighbourhood, they invited nine emerging creatives from the local area and surrounding boroughs to create an expression of this iconic building. Using iPhone, iPad and Apple Pencil, they took inspiration from the free Photo and Art Tours available in store from Today at Apple, to discover new points of view and highlight original features to create something new.

Today at Apple. Learn, create and be inspired at your Apple Store. Join free sessions to explore the latest from Apple.

The creatives have been selected and guided by Battersea Arts Centre and Curated Makers have been involved to help the artists understand the commercial opportunities available for their art, specifically the very local and accessible opportunity we have in our store. The artworks they’ve created using Apple devices and tools are now available for purchase exclusively in our Battersea Power Station store as A4 prints and postcards. All profits will go to the artists.

BAC artists standing outside the Curated Makers Store.

Buying the work of artists, makers and small businesses can be seen as something difficult or niche, only for those with a passion for it to hunt out. A lucky algorithm or search term is often needed to discover creatives online or you have to be willing to spend your time seeking out and browsing art markets and craft fairs at weekends. Like Battersea Arts Centre, we believe people can be inspired by creativity. That’s why we strive to set up shops in prime retail locations like Battersea Power Station, so it's easy for mainstream shoppers to shop small, support local creatives and be inspired.

Supporting creativity and providing inspiration is a shared value across all three partners involved in this project, and we’re all incredibly proud of the artworks the young artists have created as a result of the collaboration.

From 5th August the artwork can be purchased as prints and postcards at the Curated Makers store in Battersea Power Station on the Upper Ground Floor in Turbine Hall B. All profits go to the artists.

From 9th - 27th August, an exhibition featuring the nine artworks will be in place outside the Apple Store in Battersea Power Station on the Ground Floor in Turbine Hall A.


Curated Makers - Are you looking for a springboard for your small business? Let us know about you and what you make.

Battersea Arts Centre - Get involved! Find opportunities and join our community of makers, doers, thinkers and big dreamers.

Today at Apple. Learn, create and be inspired at your Apple Store. Join free sessions to explore the latest from Apple.


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