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Updated: Jan 25

The team and I are still riding high from the buzz of the Battersea Exhibits launch within Battersea Power Station a month ago!

The BAC young artists stood in a line with Megan and Laura outside of the Apple store.

Supporting creativity and providing inspiration is a shared value across all three partners involved in this project. It’s been amazing to work with other passionate, creative, value-driven businesses in both Battersea Arts Centre and Today at Apple. We’re all from completely different industries, but we all believe strongly in celebrating creativity and community, and in helping people with big dreams to achieve them.

Tarek Iskander, the Artistic Director & CEO of Battersea Arts Centre, spoke beautifully on the night of the launch; "Curated Makers is not just a store, it's a storefront for a set of values and set of ideas, that culture really matters and it's a great way to bring people together and ultimately that is what really defines a community."

Curated Makers began on a market stall just over 5 years ago and I have grown the business to where it is today, with a store now here in Battersea Power Station. Simply by creating, chasing and grasping every single opportunity that I could, in order to learn and grow and develop.

Reflecting on my business journey and how we’ve come to work with such incredible partners alongside the help of my Curated Makers family has been emotionally overwhelming. Determination, resilience and ambition have been vital to getting us to where we are and overcoming adversity, with the support of our incredible creative community.

I am so excited to see how this collaboration can help these nine emerging artists grow and to follow where their journey may take them over the next 5 years. If you would like to learn more about each artist, you can find the BAC spotlight reel on each artist on our Instagram.

Having the support of Today at Apple too just been incredible. We are so appreciative of the moment they’ve given to us and most importantly, to the 9 artists involved. In most retail landscapes, big corporations are mostly seen as the rivals of small businesses, but Curated Makers is devoted to creating bridges between the two.

Curated Maker's shop shelves displaying all 9 artist's work as a print and a postcard.

This was a dream collaboration with Today at Apple and Battersea Arts Centre. We are incredibly excited to see where we can cultivate even more collaborations like this to further our mission of acting as a springboard for emerging artists and makers.

A lot can happen when you Think Big and Shop Small...



You can see all nine artworks by visiting the exhibition which has now moved to Battersea Arts Centre until the end of September.

You can shop the artwork in our Curated Makers Battersea store on the upper ground level in Turbine Hall B.


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