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Tom's Workshop


We create clean, simple, high-quality displays and props that let the wonderful products on and in them shine. All the plywood goodness you see in our Pop-Ups are custom designed and built in house by joiner, Tom. 

Tom busy in his workshop making Curated Makers shop fixtures
Tom smiling as he measures up some plywood


To make this affordable for new makers and the smallest of small businesses, props can be made out of OSB or MDF, which can then be painted to fit your brand.Our prop catalogue contains information on our standard props and custom design options, including prices and ordering instructions. To get our prop catalogue straight to your inbox, complete the form below.

So that we can further champion creativity outside of our Pop-Ups, Tom builds props for makers to display their products at their various market events. You can choose from one of the tried and tested display props that we use within our own shops and concessions, or get something custom made to fit your product needs.

Let us help you!


Curated Makers co-founder, Tom is the expert joiner behind all our signature plywood props, fixtures and shop fittings. Using 20 years of experience, he runs our workshop in North Manchester and has built an extensive portfolio of high-quality, versatile and functional props and fixtures to suit retail Pop-Ups. 

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