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Common questions from our vibrant community of shoppers and makers. Hopefully you will find the answers you seek in the sections below. However, if you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. Your journey with us begins here!

  • We’re a small but mighty business that forges connections with big business in order to help makers, artists and designers showcase and sell their work to high-street shoppers in real life, 7 days a week. We create and curate shops and concessions across the UK that sell limited, sustainable and thoughtful goods, most of which are designed and/or made in the region of the store.

  • The small businesses’ products we stock are giftable or modest treats that include art prints, cards, jewellery, candles, pet accessories, gift items, homewares and stationary. These are all hand crafted or designed in the UK. As we focus on stocking makers with a personal or product connection to the store’s local area, many items could be considered tasteful souvenirs that celebrate that region.

  • We have a handy map showing our current and upcoming stores, concessions and markets. Take me to the map!

  • Not right now. Curated Makers’ focus is sharing the magic of discovering unique and locally created products in real life. We want you to wander, explore, smell, see and hold the glorious products we stock. We are currently an in-person experience only.

  • No sorry. Returns can only be processed at the outlet where the purchase was made as we stock different makers and products at each store. The location will be noted on your receipt.

  • No. Due to the way we manage our shops, makers and stock, we cannot offer exchanges. Items need to be returned for a refund, then a new purchase can be made.

  • No. A receipt is required to confirm proof-of-purchase of that item from the specific Curated Makers outlet.

  • Yes. If the purchase was made within the last 30 days, you can return it via post directly to the maker. Please see our returns page for more details on how to do this.


  • We’d love to learn about you and your products. The best way to introduce us to your small business is to submit an application on our Makers page. From the website and social links you share we’ll review your brand and products to see if we are a mutual fit. If so we’ll connect with you when the right opportunity arises, whether that’s when we open a store or concession in your region, or if there’s a gap in a current curation that you can fill.

  • We review businesses who have applied to work with us on a rolling basis, along with regularly carrying out scouting using online sources and in-person events. We typically make selections and start inviting makers to new stores 2-3 months before launch. Depending how long the Pop-Up is open, we will review product gaps intermittently, making room to invite new makers.

  • Our concessions within other retailer’s stores (e.g. John Lewis) are usually between 6-12 weeks. Our own brand stores start at 3 months but usually last much longer, with 18 months being our current longest. 

  • Makers provide the products for us to sell on their behalf and dictate the retail price of each one. After taking payment for a product, we deduct our commission (an agreed and set percentage) before sharing the remaining amount with the maker. Sales totals are shared and payments are made on a monthly basis.

  • If we review your brand and decide we’re a mutual fit, we will be in touch when we have an opportunity that’s right for you. That could be a week, month, year or more from now as it depends on so many factors including the region of, and specific product curation for, each Pop-Up. We’re sorry but we cannot reply to every application at the time it is submitted.

  • We seek small creative businesses who (amongst other things):

    • produce high-quality goods designed or made in the UK

    • have beautiful branding

    • have retail-ready price points and packaging

    • can meet replenishment demand 

    • are unique, sustainable and conscious 

    For tips and support with these elements, have a look at our support page.


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