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Updated: Jan 31

Hello, my name is Amy Collins and my business is called Pin Head. I design and sell unique enamel pins to be worn on your lapel or backpack.

After following Megan’s journey with Curated Makers right from the start on Instagram, I was thrilled to hear from her at the end of summer. Being selected to have my products on sale in the made local pop-up within Liverpool John Lewis & Partners, was just the boost I needed as emails came flooding in from the local makers markets; postponed, cancelled, cancelled due to Covid-19 etc…

All artists are offered shifts to work within the pop-up over the six week period, if it is something they can commit to. Missing face-to-face interaction with customers over the lock down, I jumped at the opportunity! Many independents are in the same boat at the moment (nervous) so some regular wages over those six weeks was a real draw too. Working at the pop-up has been one of the best parts of the whole experience; from spending time with Megan for the induction, to working with brand new people and fellow makers on the weekend shifts, even working alone when you’re just chatting with customers and relying on friendly nods and hello’s from the John Lewis staff for interaction. I have really liked the trust and autonomy involved in this short-term role, it has all been set-up to be very user friendly though so it’s a cinch to get your head round all the processes.

This community of Curated Makers extends into the online realm too with everyone following and supporting one another on their social media accounts. We are all wanting one another to do well, as it benefits everyone. It has been fun making posts and videos to promote the stall and tag all the wonderful artists involved. It is always a nice surprise when the artists come in and drop stock off when you are on shift. I love meeting all the other makers. That is what is nice for the customers meet the makers who can talk passionately about their own projects and the whole Curated Makers concept as well.

Curated Makers does marketing really well and this attention has rippled right through the City of Liverpool. Lots of artists have dropped by to inquire about future opportunities and gift shop owners have come to see the great selection on offer. I personally had a shop owner accost me on shift, wanting to be a new stockist of Pin Head pins. I now have a range of products on sale in their suburban city gift shop. This may not have happened if it wasn’t for the pop-up. All in all it is a great project to be affiliated with and I’m so grateful.

Pin Head's five pin gift stocked at a Curated Makers Pop-Up.

The Liverpool John Lewis autumn pop-up ends this Sunday 18th October and I’m sad it is coming to an end, but I am lucky to have made some connections and friends that will last. I will also have a new range of pins on sale in the upcoming Trafford Centre pop-up in the run up to Christmas and I am looking forward to helping out with some Christmas shifts in the Chester pop-up too, so my CM journey continues…see you there!


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