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Updated: Jan 30

Jess from the Hummingbird Archives

Hello, I'm Jess the designer and maker behind The Hummingbird Archives. I create colourful earrings and necklaces from reclaimed leather offcuts. I source the offcuts from other makers which helps reduce waste - something I feel very passionate about. It's exciting not quite knowing what colours will arrive in each batch and also means that there will regularly be new colour designs and only a limited number of each piece. Being made from leather even the larger pieces are very lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

I have made jewellery for years off and on but was busy running The Holt, a café and events space in Sheffield until March 2020 when unfortunately we had to close due to the pandemic. Like many others, with unplanned extra time on their hands I turned to making. It felt like the perfect time to push my making forward and I decided to launch The Hummingbird Archives in August 2020. I had no idea if anyone would actually buy my jewellery, I loved it and my friends loved but putting it into the public domain is a totally different thing. I put together a website, Etsy shop and Instagram and started to promote my jewellery. I won't lie, starting up from nothing is hard going and also can feel slow and frustrating at times. Patience has been key as well as focussing on the positive feedback from customers; growing a business doesn't happen over night.

Once shops and markets began to open up again I had the opportunity to start selling my jewellery in physical spaces which was very exciting. It was at a market I heard about Curated Makers and decided to register my interest for upcoming events. Knowing that there are so many other great makers out there I had no idea if I stood any chance of being selected. When I received an email asking if I wanted to take part in the Made Local Pop-Up at Meadowhall I was absolutely thrilled. It's an amazing step forward and having my products stocked in such a beautiful shop alongside so many great designers, is very exciting.

Megan is so supportive of all the makers and the whole CM team are great. Everything is very professional; product barcodes and stickers are all provided and stock management is taken care of. The shop itself is very well managed and all the products have been carefully curated and displayed beautifully. The whole experience has been brilliant! Another great thing about the pop-up is having the opportunity to work in the shop as well. It's great meeting all the lovely customers; everyone has been so interested and enthusiastic. It's perfect for gifts with such a fantastic range of products; there really is something for everyone. I've already got my eye on a few things!

If you've not yet visited already, do make a plan to visit us at Meadowhall, find Curated Makers on the 1st Floor of Upper Park Lane. It's open 7 days a week and you may even meet me, or another one of the makers, whilst your in store!

The Maker Experience: Jess from the Hummingbirds Archive.


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