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Updated: Jan 31

Megan joins Therese Oertenblad from the Small Business Collaborative to talk all things Curated Makers, the high street and how to ensure your brand is retail-ready. Plus how to get involved with Creatival, an event hosted by The Creative Business Network and Curated Makers to connect and inspire independent, creative business owners.

As Therese refers to at the beginning of the podcast, shoppers are craving the availability of smaller, more personal brands, but the high street is failing to make this happen. Curated Makers was a result of Megan's goal to work hard for people whose values align with her own and to help small businesses make money. Thus, acting as a bridge and starting a company that is doing good for its local communities, whilst offering retailers an easy way to give their customers what they want.

But it didn't start that clear... Megan delves into how it all began and it might just surprise you! If you're a small business owner, you may want to get your pen and pencil ready for some real honest advice.

Let's Talk Shop podcast artwork.

Click here to listen to the full episode of Let's Talk Shop Podcast

In the episode, we talk about:

  • How Curated Makers started

  • The challenges of starting Curated Makers and dealing with large retailers in a new way

  • How Megan curates each pop-up and how to apply to take part

  • The importance of being ready for retail

  • Your Instagram feed is your shop window

  • Creatival and what that is and how Megan got involved

Thank you so much to Therese for hosting an amazing conversation! We highly recommend checking out Therese's many other fascinating talks with some of the rising stars of the small business world.

You can also follow Therese for free tips, advice and guides on how to grow your small business, head over to her Instagram @small_business_collaborative


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