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Updated: Jan 31

WOW what a triumph!! Thank you so very much.

✨ A Grand Total of £1495 was Raised!

✨ 39 Creatives Donated

✨ 58 Prizes

✨ Over £1,400 Worth of Raffle Prizes

✨ Initial £500 Target Reached Within 24 Hours!

✨ 207 Incredible Supporters

Curated Makers target amount for the campaign.

39 small businesses collaborated, to raise a HUGE £1495, via 58 donated prizes and one immense raffle to raise funds for the fabulous Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Charity.

207 incredible supporters, got involved to raise this, by making donations and purchasing raffle tickets, what a turn out!

You can find our Just Giving page for the charity raffle here -

Curated Makers Charity Raffle Poster.

Collaborating in this way, at this time, has been one giant community effort and I thank everyone for backing it and getting together to make this happen. This is the first time I have fundraised via Curated Makers and I cannot wait to do it all again in the future one day.

The funds will go directly to the charity and will help support many areas within the Manchester NHS hospitals including those directly on the front line, to providing vital equipment, to paying for research into lifesaving treatments, enhancing the lives of patients and workforce across all Manchester hospitals.

We're all so very grateful for the work of the NHS and wanted to raise as much for the Manchester Foundation Trust as possible to help in their efforts to keeping us all safe and looking after themselves and their health too. It has been highlighted many a time, that technically we shouldn't need to raise funds for our wonderful NHS, but unfortunately in the times we all see ourselves in, they need all the help they can get. Their work provides us all a safe haven when we need it most, and these funds will be a direct boost.

So THANK YOU, for entering our charity raffle, and consequently together raising this amazing amount of money.

To find out more about the work of MFTC you can visit their website here -

The charity raffle prize draw took place on Monday 25th May 2020 and all winners have now been contacted. Whether you're a raffle winner or not, please know you're a winner for getting involved.

Curated Makers Charity Raflle poster.

The prizes that were donated were incredible and were collectively worth over £1400, hence why we increased our stretch target to £1400. Thank you again to our community of makers for their generous donations to the raffle.

So then...for the MEGA list of prizes, in alphabetical order to keep it fair, here we go... *drum roll please*

You can check out all artists involved easily on Instagram to see more of their work. Please give them a follow and show some support if you can!

Take care and speak soon,

Megan x


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