Curated Makers Trafford Made Local Pop-U

Maker Applications

Thank you for your interest in participating in a future Curated Makers in-person event...our Made Local Pop-Ups!


The questionnaire linked below is designed to help us gather information about you and your small business. The information provided will be added to our database and when we are preparing for future events, we will use these details to help us decide if you and your products would be suitable for that specific event type, host, location etc.

We use a google form to obtain this information. If you have any issues with the form, please refer to our FAQs.

Thank you and happy form-filling!


Help! The form won't work for me

The google form works for 99% of applicants, but we have had a few queries. If you have any issues with the form, please try the suggestions below before contacting us (if you don't know how to action them, a quick google will tell you): - refresh your browser - open the link in a different browser - open the link on a different device - turn off browser extensions and plug-ins - clear your cache and cookie

Do I need a Google account to register?

You do not need an account to register, but it has been fed-back to us that sometimes google prompts you to be logged in to complete the form. This is likely depending on the device you are using. A google account is free to create.

Will I hear back following my application?

No, due to high demand we cannot commit to replying to all applicants unfortunately. We thank you for taking the time to register your interest, and should the right opportunity arise that we'd like to work with you on, we'll be in touch then. This could be in a weeks time, a months time, or even a year down the line! Please don't be disheartened if you do not hear back from us, we are busy creating more opportunities for our makers.

What is involved when being a part of the pop-up?

We act as an agent and handle everything on your behalf; pop-up setup + pack down, visual merchandising within store, barcode creation for your products, marketing of the pop-up, staffing of the pop-up, storage of your stock, stock replenishment, handling of sales on your behalf. All we require from you is an active role in providing stock and responding to replenishment of stock when required, to ensure for successful pop-up sales. We also ask that you support with promoting your involvement with the pop-up to your customer base across your website, newsletter and social media. There is a mixture of an event fee and sales are subject to a commission. Further details will be shared with you, if we feel your brand would be a good fit for one of our upcoming pop-ups. You will recieve an invite which will disclose everything you need to know about the event you've been invited to be a part of. The turnarounds can be fairly quick! So to ensure you're able to join us, please reply promptly when you hear from us.


What We Look For

  • UK based creatives with a clear brand identity

  • High-quality, retail ready products that are  handmade or designed by you

  • Strong social presence, follower count is not key... photography and branding is

  • Ability to work within the pop-ups is desirable

Want to Join Us?


Michael, Sketchbook Design

“"Working with Megan and the team at Curated Makers has been a great experience. From start to finish, each event is planned and delivered professionally. They have worked so hard to build links with national retail companies who would usually be out of reach for us as individual makers. Even in their relatively short history Curated Makers have created a brand that is known for quality. When I'm involved in their events I know that my work will be featured alongside quality products from other talented creatives and makers."

Alice and Chloe, Aloe earrings

“We have found being involved with Curated Makers to be a wonderfully positive experience, providing us with a different kind of exposure and a foot in the doorway to selling our earrings in large retailers. It has given us a lot of credibility, being stocked in such reputable shops and the sales have been excellent. We have also loved getting to know Megan, learn from her and the business model and also share our ideas together.  We would highly recommend working with Curated Makers to all small local makers, especially if you are just starting out as it's a fabulous warm and friendly platform that offers a lot of support, with an inspiring ethos to help and care for small businesses.”

What Our Makers Say

Vikki, I Used to Be

"Being part of the Curated Makers family has provided my business and me personally with a supportive opportunity to grow. Megan’s innovative and dedicated approach to providing small artisan businesses like my own a unique and rewarding presence on the high street is invaluable. Curated Makers has enabled my business to expand financially through its exposure to a wider audience within established stores and through the resulting repeat customers and commissions."

Stacey, Darwin and Gray

“'Every creative needs a community and Curated Makers has created the ideal one. Representing the unrepresented through bringing the small businesses of the North to the high street, Megan has given Darwin & Gray a platform to be seen and better yet, shopped. I feel super grateful to have been a part of this journey whilst simultaneously growing my own business. Hurrah for small businesses!”

Siobhan, One Mama One Shed

“Working with Curated Makers is an absolute pleasure. Every aspect of the process is carried out with the utmost professionalism and finesse - from behind the scenes right through to the beautiful pop ups created in sought after high street stores. We love being a part of the CM family!”

Chloe, Pet Portrait Illustration

"I was so impressed with how much thought, planning, effort and attention to detail went into the event, from start to finish. Megan clearly has a knack for promoting on social media - the footfall was fantastic and so many people I spoke to said they were already aware I was going to be there. It was such a pleasure working with Curated Makers, and having someone so organised overseeing everything really took the pressure off me and meant I could just get on with chatting to customers and selling my work."

Christopher, Christopher Walster

"One word.... Excellent! Megan at Curated Makers is a dream to work with and its a great organisation to be a part of. I have worked alongside her for a while now and had no hassles at all. Professional, friendly, approachable, and extremely keen to help makers promote and sell their work. I really can't speak highly enough of the organisation and not only has it boosted sales for me, but followers too. So anyone who is thinking in joining, do! You are in a great crowd of makers and in safe hands."

Karen, String Effects

"I have worked with Megan and found the whole experience to be excellent. Her calm manner makes everything seem effortless, even though she is probably paddling furiously below the surface! Will definitely collaborate with Megan again."

Looking for Work? Join Us!

We are always looking for people to work within our pop-ups across all of our opportunities. If you're passionate about creative businesses, flexible in your availability, perhaps you're a maker and not quite ready to be stocked with us just yet, why not still be a part of what we do and work within the pop-up to support fellow makers? We'd love to hear from you!

Drop an email over to and put the subject line as 'POP-UP TEAM'. Introduce yourself to us, share why you think you'd be an ideal fit, let us know where your based and send a CV if you have one, then we can get in touch when we're next popping up in your area.