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Would you like to join our passionate team?

We are always looking for people to work within our pop-ups across all of our opportunities. If you're passionate about creative businesses, flexible in your availability, perhaps you're a maker and not quite ready to be stocked with us just yet, why not still be a part of what we do and work within the pop-up to support fellow makers? We'd love to hear from you!

Curated Makers Made Local Pop-Up John Le


We offer paid opportunities to work within the pop-up on the shop floor on a flexible basis to those that are self-employed. Many of our team are makers themselves stocked within the pop-up, which makes for an enjoyable experience for all involved. But not everyone is stocked within the pop-up... 

Curated Makers Made Local Pop-Up at M&S

Self - Employed

Perhaps you are self-employed, run a small business already, maybe you're a newly started maker or you simply have a passion for small business and are seeking some additional work. We also work flexibly to offer paid positions within the pop-ups to those not necessarliy stocked with us, but want to be a part of our vision. 

Curated Makers Made Local Pop-Up at Pape

Passion for Retail?

If you are passionate about retail and are looking for new opportunities, perhaps you love what we do and think you have the perfect skills and passion to help us develop? We'd love to hear from you! There are lots of plans happening in the background, that may well be suited to you one day down the line. If you're passionate and want to be a part of our journey, please get in touch!

Curated Makers Made Local Pop-Up at M&S


Perhaps you are a market organiser who has connections with lots of small businesses and would like to connect? A coach that works closely with makers and artists? Maybe you work for or own a venue, that you think would be perfect for a Curated Makers pop-up? We're always open to ideas and welcome the chance to connect with you.