EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT: Darwin & Gray x Curated Makers


We're both proud independent businesses and we like to champion this message. Do you too? Chances are high if you've found this product. Isn't it just great? If your independent and proud too, why not shout it from the rooftops, or at least hang a mini banner in your office, shop or workplace?


Darwin & Gray cut, sews & irons of their calico banners before adding a piece of hidden structural wood and faux suede cord. The design is then printed by hand, so please allow for slight imperfections.


Where to hang a mini? We think our Mini banners are perfect to pop on a door handle, pin on to a memo board, hook it onto a vase, add to a gallery wall of photographs + art, or possibly just let the banner do all the talking and hang it alone.

Independent and Proud Banner

  • Mini Banner

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