Postable Pop-Up

Our next event will take place over the weekend of Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November 2020

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What is the Postable Pop-Up?

Our Postable Pop-Ups are our take on the online market. If you can send your products safely out in the're welcome to get involved! After a fabulous launch in May 2020 and a second run in August 2020, we saw hundreds of small businesses set-up shop from home, from all across the UK, showcasing their makes from the comfort of their front rooms, gardens, balconies, conservatories, studios and kitchens. The hashtag saw over 2000 posts over each weekend and it was a fantastic place to scroll, shop, find new makers and new small business to follow on Instagram. We knew this had to be a regular feature on the 2020 calendar.

NEXT EVENT: 14th + 15th November 2020

You are invited to get involved...but please note that this is a self-directed pop-up that you will run yourself from home...alongside many others doing the's a real community event and an opportunity for you to test your selling skills. We offer tips, advice and templates to get you going...then it's over to you to execute and host. You really do get out what you put in. Read on further down on the page to find out more and to decide if this is right for you. We want to make this as accessible for everyone to join in as possible. In May, as hundreds got involved it was too difficult to keep a track of everyone involved and also to guarantee everyone a share on social, from all the fabulous makers that took this time we are charging a small fee of £6, to get involved and access the templates, this also allows us to see who exactly is joining in so we can look out for your posts and cheer-lead you on from the sideline! Each event, tweaks are made to keep improving this event for both our makers and for our customers, so it is as easy as possible to shop from.


Thank you for your interest and for joining us as we develop this new concept further!

I cannot wait to see you all on the 14th November, it'll be Christmas shopping in full swing!

Megan x


Would you like to join in and be a part of our next Postable Pop-Up?

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Access to Templates


per pop-up

Everyone is welcome to join this option and is pre-approved. The 'application' process is so that we can log who is joining in and can watch and like your posts over the weekend.

  • Participation with this community driven pop-up event

  • Access the official #postablepopup templates created by Curated Makers

  • Usage of the templates for the weekend event

  • Involvement in the popular hashtag attracting hundreds of keen browsers, shoppers and fellow creatives

Directory Listing


per month

We are developing a directory style website of the top UK makers, artists and designers. There are limited spaces available with a fixed monthly fee for involvement, no commission is taken on sales. 6 month minimum commitment.

  • Bespoke maker page on the Curated Makers website

  • Directory promoted across social media and blog posts

  • First access to our made local pop-ups within major retailers


Launching in 2021. This concept is being  developed further at present,  therefore we are currently exploring interest, so sign up to be the first to join in 2021.

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PLEASE READ: Everyone is pre-approved to join in and get access to the templates for postable pop-ups, once the fee is paid. Please read the FAQs before signing up, to ensure this is exactly right for you.

Tick below to send your application and to find out about future pop-ups, markets and the occasional update for your location. No spam, promise!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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