Today wants to share the joy of making through in-person Craft Classes in Leeds City Centre and at home Craft Kits you can do in your cosies.
Make yourself proud and have fun mastering a new craft.

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Hello, I'm Searlait

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Get To Know Me

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Hello! My name is Searlait. It's pronounced Sheer-laa and you guessed it, I'm Irish (with a name like that you can see why I trade as Today!). I'm a classic 'Jack of all' and proud of it. I think it's important to learn new things just for the enjoyment of it, because the confidence and resilience that comes with learning something new sticks with you long past the project finishes. I've experienced first hand the wellbeing benefits of having a creative project to seek solace in through painful times and I'm passionate about de-bulking the 'not creative' myth and helping others see they are way more creatively capable than they maybe give themselves credit for.
I've made many things in my life. I've got a degree in Furniture Making, I've been a full time 'Head of Making' (yes that was my actual job title), I built my own campervan and started a jewellery making business from the back of it, before discovering that my passion lies in helping others discover the joy of making for themselves. I've already felt the benefit of making many times over in my life, and I want to share that with you through Creative Classes and Craft Kits, either in my cosy Studio in Leeds, or from the comfort of your home.
Let's have some fun and make!