Sarah Needles

Contemporary embroidery in bright vibrant colours and botanical imagery, each piece is hand embroidered

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Hello, I'm Sarah

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Glasgow, Scotland









Get To Know Me

Sarah-Jane Duncan is a fibre artist behind Sarah Needles based in Glasgow. Sarah's works focuses on the traditional craft of embroidery with bright vibrant contemporary botanical imagery. She has a BA in contemporary art and creates colourful hand embroidered pieces, jewellery and samplers.

She had created a recognisable style with her focus on nature and repetitive patterns. She finds beauty in the regularity of patterns just as much as the uncertainty of nature. A large part of her inspiration comes from her mammoth collection of house plants. Each piece of embroidery she creates whether small or large is created over the course of hours of intricate stitching all done by hand. Sarah is dedicated to use British materials in her craft she uses artisan hand dyed threads to create her unique pieces.

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