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Children's craft kits to make getting creative with the kids easy, fun and faff free.

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Hello, I'm Gemma

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Lymm, Cheshire









Get To Know Me

I have always loved crafting and usually have a project or three on the go. When I had kids I couldn't wait to get making with them as well. I have two boys Josh, who is 6 and Ben, who is 3. They both love getting stuck into a new craft project and are very proud to have the best ones selected for the wall of fame in our house. So, the enthusiasm is definitely there big tick but sometimes the attention span just isn't joining in. No sooner had I gathered up all the stuff we need to make the craft and they had both disappeared faster than you can say here's one I made earlier. The other thing I quickly realised when talking to my newly found mum friends was that not everyone is a lover of crafting I know, shock! A lot of my friends love the idea of kids crafts but when it comes to the creativity to put it into practice that was another story. This really got me thinking about how to keep crafting fun and creative for children but also quick, easy and faff free for the grown ups. If we want to get making with our kids regularly it has to be fun for everyone!

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