The Postable Pop-Up

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This event has now closed

You can still browse from the makers involved over on Instagram

What is the Postable Pop-Up?

Our Postable Pop-Ups are our take on the online market. We invite you to get involved by shopping small, by browsing our Instagram account @postablepopup and exploring all of the makers involved all via the hashtag #POSTABLEPOPUP

We launched this shopping event and campaign back in May 2020 in lockdown 1.0 and have now ran four events, as we adapt to help our creative community to thrive. Now more than ever it is so important to shop locally to ensure these small businesses make it through this difficult time. Shopping small for Birthdays and treats for the home is something we can all do, for the greater good. Shopping small really is the gift that keeps on giving, positively impacting so many people!

Thank you for your interest, the most recent event has now closed. Please sign up to our newsletter if you'd like to know about future pop-ups.

Want to Join Us?

Are you a small business owner, can safely post out your items and would like to get involved? Everyone is welcome to join this community driven campaign, as we seek to encourage ALL small businesses owners to pop-up from home and showcase your makes safely from home.

Unfortunately, this event is now closed for sign-ups, but please do register to our newsletter to find out about future opportunities.

Maker Feedback

Thank you! I miss markets so much and it was so nice to set up my stall again! Thank you for helping small makers and shops like me find new ways of working!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the templates?

Firstly, you will need to register for a free account with Canva, you won’t regret it! Once you click on the template links, you will be given the option to 'Use Template'. You may need to select the pencil first, then you'll get the 'Use Templaes' option. Select this, then it will allow you to create your own version, dropping in your own images and adding in your logo. Only you will see this edited version, for your own personal use. This will allow you to create consistent content very easily, to show your participation in the Postable Pop-Up event. Simply drag and drop your images and videos into the templates. Then download them, ready for social upload. Canva has lots of free videos available of how to use their system, should you wish to watch these in advance. Canva will be a great tool for you to get to know more, for the long-term in your business and I personally recommend it very much. Having the templates in advance, gives you a chance to work out how you're going to showcase your brand differently to your customers over the weekend, and hopefully some new potential customers, in a way that you wouldn't normally do so.

Do we as sellers have to be live on Instagram on the day "selling" through video?

No, not at all. You can if you want though! You do whatever works best for you and whatever feels natural to you. This is an opportunity for many of us to "pop-up" alongside one another, from our homes. The "pop-up" is focused towards your customers, as an opportunity to have a focus to talk about an event you are involved in. You can interpret this as you wish. There are templates available to use, printable sign for you to use, should you wish. If you want to use these please do, if not...create your own images, videos, etc. There are not many rules, other than make sure you use the hashtag #postablepopup and tag in @curatedmakers and @postablepopup to your posts, so that we can see you and share our favourite images at the end of each day.

How should I take payments?

Direct people to wherever you normally would for them to checkout, for example, your website if you have one, or a marketplace you’re listed on. If neither of these are an option, have you considered taking payment via PayPal? There are commissions so look into that, but it makes it very simple to manage - I'd suggest posting about items available to buy on instagram and then asking customers to DM to purchase, then send them a link to pay.

What items shall I sell?

That is totally up to you!! This is YOUR pop-up. Yes this is the perfect excuse to join in with other small businesses and collaboratively pop-up from home at the same time. But the main thing, is that this is your pop-up. Showcase the items you want, how you want. Tag us in so we can support you, but make sure this event is about you. It’d be great if you could also share some of your favourite other small business that are getting involved, by looking at the #postablepopup tag and sharing from there. It’d be so nice to help one another along. But do this, after you’ve shared what you are selling!

I don’t have much packaging to post with, what do you suggest?

Recycled packaging is totally cool! Perhaps explain to your customers when posting out your items (maybe drop in a little note in the package) explaining that the packaging is recycled and thank them for understanding, as you’re doing your bit to help reduce waste! It’s a win win. Free packaging for you, doing your bit for the planet, everyone feels good about it and hopefully your customer recycles or reuses it again too! Don’t worry about not having the perfect packaging. What I would say, is only post out items you’re comfortable with posting, like if you have super delicate items and not the perfect packaging, maybe don’t, stick to offering those items that will travel well with the packaging you have available.

Is there a printable sign to use?

Yes there is indeed! Print out our sign to use alongside your stall, or to take a picture of yourself holding it, be creative! The PDF will be sent out in an e-mail, along with the templates, once payment is made.

When are the key dates I need to know?

There are no new dates scheduled for postable pop-ups as yet, please check back for more information soon.

How do we take part in the made local pop-ups within retailers?

We will be using this as an opportunity to scout out new makers, artists and small businesses, to potentially stock with us one day in our made local pop-ups, so this is a great way to get noticed. The scope for our future pop-ups is vast, so wherever you are in the country, there is scope for us to pop-up in a City near you one day! You can register your interest in our pop-ups here - Occasionally, we open up our applications for pop-ups via Instagram, so make sure you’re following us on Instagram to find out more about opportunities as they arise - We will be launching made local markets in the future too, to offer wider opportunities to even more small businesses. To make sure you know about them when we launch, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here -

I'm a customer, how do I shop?

For one weekend only, you can find hundreds of small businesses popping-up from home to showcase their work on our @postablepopup Instagram account. By browsing the hashtag #POSTABLEPOPUP and clicking on 'LATEST' posts, you'll be able to see all of the small businesses getting involved for the weekend. Special offers, new product launches, Instagram stories and lives will all be available exclusively for this exciting online, community driven pop-up event. You can purchase directly from the makers individual online shops and Instagram accounts, all from the comfort and safety of your home. Happy shopping! >> >>

Do I have to be available the whole time? Both days?

Nooo not at all! Just get involved when you can. I'd recommend posting on your feed at 10am on the Saturday morning to get going. Then check in and post again throughout the weekend if you can, but there is no requirement to do so. The beauty of posting on insta-stories is that once you've posted, it stays live for 24 hours! So for example, you could post on Saturday morning and it'll stay there all day until Sunday morning. Just check back in on your inbox every now and again, in case anyone has sent you any messages to order. You can also schedule your feed and story posts in advance using the Facebook/Instagram Creator Studio, so you're very prepared for all of your posts to go out over the course of the weekend. Then you'll need to engage and reply to messages. This will make it easier to manage and ensure you're super prepared in advance, to make the most of the weekend. Also, you may wish to checkout the other stalls via the hashtag and share a few of your favourites on insta-stories too, then wallah, you've done something both days! However there are no formal requriements. Do what you want, when you can, alongside home life and all that comes with it :) We do find that those that put the preperation in, do particularly well, so if you don't have the time to decidate to this in advance or on the day, this is likely not the event for you. This is your personal pop-up to implement yourself, by your own terms. We are providing you with the campaign name, dates, buz, community spirit and togetherness, along with the templates to get involved and to get you started, a printout and the support of many others doing it alongside you. Have fun and enjoy! This event is not here to create any more pressure to your event calendar, it's simply a platform to enable you to create some positive content and get involved with the fabulous small business community that we are a part of, and fingers crossed make a handful of sales too! With physical events not possible for many, this is an optional pop-up from home event for you to join, with no approval process, so it's as inclusive as possible for anyone to join in with.

I don't have much stock available, what do you suggest?

That's okay! Why not use this opportunity to sell what you do have?! Could this be an opportunity to run a sample sale? Perhaps look at ways in which you can sell those one off items that you have in your studio or office? Or maybe you'd like to run an offer, to reduce the prices on items you'd like to move along to find their forever homes. You do not need a full range to get involved, this does not have to be picture perfect.

What has changed since the first Postable Pop-Up in May 2020?

In May, we opened up the event to everyone without any application process and made it shoppable via an Instagram Hashtag. Whilst the buzz was incredible, it was hard to keep a track of exactly who was involved and to re-share your stalls, shout about what you do. There was also a lot of work involved, so movin forwards, I have made the decision to charge a small fee for involvement and have provided two different options for differing budgets, to make this sustainable to manage and run. Because of this application process, and there being an actual log of who is joining in, who has purchased the template, who has secured a feature...we will be able to champion you better and manage it much better to give everyone a great opportunity to be involved with, with a few tweaks to make it more organised. It may well not be perfect, but it'll be improved and we'll continue to make improvements again and again to get this right :) This online malarkey is a whole new world to us too, so thank you for bearing with us and for getting involved to learn together.

Where should I follow on Instagram?

Follow @postablepopup here - Browse the hashtag #POSTABLEPOPUP here -

HELP! Please give me some inspiration!!

Of course! By joining in, you will have been sent a guide along with your templates, please have a read of that as it's full of juicy information and lots of tips to get you started! At the bottom of the page, there are lots of images shared from our previous events in May and August of stall holders setting up from home and how they interpreted the pop-up from home brief. They're amazing!! There were pets involved, kids too, shopping channel style videos, garden pop-ups in the sunshine, fireplace setups, honestly you're all so creative! Have fun with it and don't forget to follow on Instagram here for even more inspo - There is also a blog post with more inspiration of how to get involved here -

What is an IGTV and IG Live?

Stories last for 24 hours so if you uploaded them on 10am Saturday, they'd disappear by 10am on Sunday. So then I'd suggest posting again on Sunday. I'd recommend looking at Instagram to get to grips with all of its functionality, I've popped a few links below: Instagram Stories - Instagram Stories Blog - Instagram TV - Instagram Live - To note, to film for IGTV in advance, you need the IGTV app. What I do is film my video on my phone, then upload it to IGTV. For an IG Live, you go live and it's live right away. You then have the option to save this live as an IGTV afterwards. It would be wise to watch some Insta-stories of the people you follow already for some inspiration. Ask yourself...who do you always watch and want to know what they’ve posted? Have a think about who you engage with on social media, why do you engage with them, what is it that attracts you to them? These are traits that you could look to include in your own marketing. With social media, there is a lot of trialing and monitoring, to see what works best for you and your audience. We are all still learning each day with it, with new features forever being introduced! It's never ending but this should get you started, with a clear objective to post about. Don’t worry about being an’ll only develop by testing and learning. There are lots of blogs out there and videos on YouTube if you wanted to learn further.

Why was the pop-up setup in this way? I’ve seen different online events but not like this.

This campaign / event is designed to champion small businesses to set up shop from home and have a reason to promote their work, a reason to work towards a date, a different opportunity to talk about your products in a way you may not typically do so. The campaign drives traffic to the hashtag, for shop small shoppers to explore, we do not guarantee sales or followers, we simply offer the opportunity to join a wider event that is open to everyone. When I was looking online, I was finding many events that were application based only and I wanted to provide an inclusive opportunity for any small business owners to join in, in a community wide event, on whatever scale that suits them. I also wanted to make it easy for content creation, so the option is there to get involved quickly if preferred by using the templates, or whether you wanted to spend all weekend creating videos, both options work and are completely up to you to decide! I hope this FAQ section helps a little further, as for specifics of how much you get involved, I'll leave that with you to decide you’re going to join in.

If I sign up and then I’m no longer able to partake due to changing situations, is it then compulsory to participate in the event?

Not this is not compulsory at all, this is completely for you to decide how much you do for the event. The only thing to note, is that there are no refunds available once payment has been made, nor the ability to carry over to another event.

For the Postable Pop-Up, what commission do you take?

None. As this is an event that you set up yourself from home, and manage your own sales via Instagram or your own website, there is no commission that we take. We drive traffic to the hashtag, provide the templates for you to join in and be a part of a wider community event, but as sales take place directly with you, no commission is taken on this Postable Pop-Up event. There is however a small admin fee of £6 to gain access to the templates and for inclusion in the pop-up, to make this as accessible as possible.

How many times shall I post on my Instagram grid?

This is completely up to you to decide how you want to promote your stall. As a starting point, I’d recommend a handful of grid posts. If on each grid post, you uploaded 10 images as a gallery post, and if you posted 3 times, each time with 10 images, that'd be 30 images you could share by just posting 3 times! Then it's not too 'spammy' and it offers all the information for customers to swipe across to view your range. That’s just an idea, you’re more than welcome to do that, but equally free to do as you please. OR...perhaps 1 grid post per day, then use your stories to go into more detail. That'd also be a great way to tackle it too. OR...go live. Perhaps film an IGTV video in advance. Or maybe film a 1 minute video for your feed, showcasing your products, in person. Video works so very well and provides another level to showcasing and selling your products. There is no right or wrong, have a go, search on the day to see how others have tackled it and keep on trying new things :) Have some fun with it! You can always look back at the posts on the @postablepopup Instagram account too from our previous events in May and August 2020, for some good inspiration on how others tackled the ‘brief’.

Canva won’t work for me, help!

I’ve been told by a few people that are new to using Canva, that you need to make sure your Canva account is confirmed via your email account, in order for the templates to work. So if you’re not seeing the ‘Use Templates’ option or the pencil logo to select, then it’s likely you need to ensure your account is verified first.

I am absolutely terrified of Instagram Lives and Instagram Stories and have no idea what to say!

Firstly, it is not a requirement, it is optional. So don't worry too much about it. Once you have done an Instagram Live, you can make the decision if it disappears forever and you never have to see it again...or you can save it to your IGTV (which I'd recommend after you've done the work!) It'll then save as an IGTV. Don't worry, if you really want to delete it, you can simply then delete the I'd say don't put too much pressure on yourself for it to be perfect. Why not keep it short and sweet? How about starting the video and saying why you've set it up...then talk about what it is that you've set up. Highlight 3 products, pick them up, or go closer to them with your camera, say what they are, how much they are, how many you have available and perhaps why you've chosen to highlight this product. Is it your bestseller? Is it a new product? Is it on offer? Is there only 1 available as it's a one of a kind piece? Once you've done this for 3 items, you'll have spoken for a few minutes and before you know it you've got a fab video!! Either have the screen facing your stall as you speak through, or set it up so you're in shot, or hold the phone in your hand and flip between the screen showing you and then flip it back round to face the stall. Here is a great video that Ebony of @dottyblackgifts did last time, as some nice inspiration - Here is another video that Wendy Carlton Artist did for the last event, she introduces a little about her, her brand and her story too - Honestly there is no right or wrong. If you don't go ahead with the live, perhaps do a few stories instead! They do disappear within 24 hours and then you can always add them to our highlights if you want to keep them around for longer. The more you do, the easier it gets. I promise it works, building that genuine relationship with the customer is worthwhile doing.
Good luck!! :) You can do this!!

I struggle getting pictures from my computer, onto my phone, and vice versa. Do you have any tips?

If you mean transferring the downloads from device to device...I email them to myself! Always works. That’s likely not the best solution, but it’s a failsafe way that works for me. Or perhaps a more sophisticated answer is that you could consider using a Cloud based system like Google Drive, then once you have uploaded your images to the Cloud, they’ll be available to you no matter what device you are logged in with!

How do I upload my Insta-story templates to an Instagram Story?

Save the images to your phone. Then when you go into stories, there is an option to select those images from the gallery. I've done a quick google and found this article, it explains it with some screenshots and arrows really clearly, hope it helps -

Previous Stall Holder Set-Ups

We have seen hundreds of small businesses set-up shop from home, from all across the UK, showcasing their makes from the comfort of their front rooms, gardens, balconies, conservatories, studios and kitchens!

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