Using Nära's products to practice mindfulness

Have you heard of the term mindfulness? Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment, grounding yourself, and reconnecting - with the intention of becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings, making you feel all the better for it!

As someone who practices mindfulness daily, I thought it would be nice to share some products and a guided exercise to help you practice!

Today we’re going to use Nära's products as tools for helping our mindfulness practice.

What you’ll need:

  • Gardener’s Gift Set

  • Scented Candle

  • Hand and Body Cream

  • Matches or a lighter

  • Warm water

  • Towel

All available to buy at Curated Makers, Trinity Leeds, Ground Floor

  • Gardeners gift set - including wooden nail brush, rosemary and orange soap and rosemary and orange bath soak £17

  • Rose and geranium luxury hand and body cream £17

  • Wild Peony scented soy wax candle £18

Ok so let’s jump straight in. Unbox your Nära candle, (I’ve chosen the ‘uplifting and deeply calming’ wild peony scent) and light a match. Listen to the sound of the match against the box and the flame spark, when you go to burn the wick listen carefully to the sound it makes when the flame catches.

Next, we’re going to focus on what we can feel. Mindfully wash your hands with the soap bar and nail scrub, making sure to focus on the warm water, soap and the bristles against your skin. Dry off your hands and open up the rose and geranium luxury hand body lotion. Apply a small amount to your fingertips and massage into your hands. Take the time to feel the difference between the warmth of your skin and the cool of the cream.

Finally, we’re going to take a few moments to breathe. Inhale deeply, flare your nostrils and fill your chest. What can you smell? Hold your breath for 5. The room should be filled with the beautiful scents of all 3 of Nära's products. Slowly breathe out for 5. Repeat. Every breath take a moment to reflect on how you feel. Do you feel better for focusing on the now? Do you feel more refreshed?

The brilliant thing about Nära's products and this mindfulness exercise, is that they both can be entwined into your daily routine. If you can’t carve out dedicated time to practicing mindfulness… Just try and take a moment when lighting a candle to feel the warmth, or washing your hands to smell the soap. You’d be surprised at how grounded you feel for doing it.

I hope this brings a little calm and reflection to your day! To shop all of these beautiful products and more, find us on the first floor of Trinity Leeds shopping center, open Mon-Sat 9-8, Sun 11-5!

Thanks for reading,