Top Picks from the August Maker's Instagram Challenge!

Over the month of August 2020, Curated Makers launched an Instagram challenge to encourage all makers to talk more about their brand and showcase their beautiful products! To follow on from the successful Postable Pop-Up event that ran on 1st + 2nd August, the challenge was created to keep the momentum for the creatives that took part, to encourage the creative community to talk about themselves, showcase their work, and to connect with fellow makers and customers via social media.

The challenge itself included 10 prompts, every 3 days, starting on the August #POSTABLEPOPUP weekend. So many wonderful makers took part, and it was truly heart-warming to hear so many different stories and get to know the creatives that took part, all that little bit more. With each post, the creatives used the hashtag, to come together as a community all in one place. You can still browse the hashtag today, by clicking Here.

Below are some of our most favourite posts from over the challenge, that really stood out, so much so we wanted to share them with you here.

1st August : Postable Pop Up

4th August : Packaging/Parcels

“There was a small gift shop ran by a little old man who would take great care wrapping up your purchase in lovely papers and tape. I loved going to the shop purely to watch his intricate wrapping process and always wanted to be like him.”


7th August : Top Product

“crafted from super lightweight yellow and mint polymer clay each lemon shape is individually cut with little details added to replicate the lemon and leaf textures, so no two are the same!” @laurafernandezdesigns

“It just shows that stepping outside your comfort zone can really pay off.”


10th August : You

I’m also addicted to ‘lions’ midget gems. The post office is the only place that sells them near me so each order I get, I reward myself with a bag.”


Before "this" I was a civil servant for 2 years, a computer programmer for 17 years, and a full time Mum for about 10 years. I wouldn't want to be doing any of those roles now, but I wouldn't go back and change the past, even if I could; it's what made me who I am today. I think age gives you resilience, and resilience is very necessary when running your own creative business!”


13th August : USP

There are lots of other embroidery businesses out there but none of them are me. I bring my experience, mistakes, victories, time and passion to everything that I do and so nothing else out there is quite the same.”


16th August : Shopping Small

Every time you place an order with a small business, a happy dance ‘like nobody’s watching’ takes place”


19th August : Customer / Feedback

22nd August : Favourite Make

This grass plate will always be my favourite ever make. I love the process of making pottery using things I've found on walks - printing, peeling and painting them is so rewarding!⁠” @downpotterslane

25th August : Your Story

My own work came about from a lack of creative freelance jobs I was getting, I felt the need to do something for me, something that made me happy so I started to make little mobiles for the kids and more requests came in from them, fairies, lions, sunshines…… I loved creating them and decided to try and open an Etsy shop and start an instagram account so I could share my designs. I absolutely love what I do, and even though it doesn’t pay the bills it keeps me happy.”


28th August : Collaboration

A couple of years ago, at the beginning of my @lellibellecards journey, I worked with my sister Ruth @roost_coffee to design some printed coffee cup cards which would compliment their coffee, as possible gift cards. I used the coffee bean sacks as a starting point, then fabric applique and machine embroidery to create the design.”


“Recently we had the chance to work with @brunabalodisphotography and her remote photography services. All we had to do was send her some of our products! She sent us a portfolio of some lovely photographs both product and portrait shots. I particularly love this photo clicked in the golden hour.”


So there you have it, a round-up of some of the very many talented makers that joined our August Instagram challenge. We hope to run another one again in 2021 so watch this space.

In the meantime, our next Postable Pop-Up event will take place on 14th + 15th November which will see hundreds of small business pop-up from home, gardens, conservatories, kitchens and studios...and come together via the hashtag #POSTABLEPOPUP so please do save the date and head over to the hashtag to shop small and support local this Christmas (and always!).

If you are a maker hoping to join our next event, please register Here and for inspiration about how to get involved why not read our blog post sharing some ideas Here

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