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The August Instagram Challenge For #postablepopup

Wow, this is a first and something that I've been so excited to launch for a while now. I've been over thinking it, over and over again, so it gives me so much joy to share this with you and if you are a small business owner...I SO hope that you join in with the August Instagram Challenge, the first we have ever hosted!!

There are 10 prompts, over 10 days, that's a post every 3 days!

To get prepared for the challenge, see the schedule of prompts below.

You can download a PDF of this to save or printout, by clicking on the file below:

August Instagram Challenge #POSTABLEPOPU
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Everyone is welcome to join in with this challenge, just remember to tag in @curatedmakers and @postablepopup into your posts and always use the hashtag #POSTABLEPOPUP so we can easily find your posts!

Following the popular #POSTABLEPOPUP event that will happen over the weekend of Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd August 2020...we wanted to create this challenge to keep the momentum behind the hashtag and those wanting to find out more and embrace small indie businesses. We also wanted to provide some focus to small business owners to work towards, to share content on social media, to showcase your work in a way you may not have done so before, alongside fellow creatives supporting one another in this whirlwind of a journey of self-employment.

Talking from experience, it's not always so easy to come up with ideas to post on social, especially at present with events being cancelled. Sometimes without an event to work towards, time can simply move on and before you know it, a month has passed! So...this challenge is a reason to post, a reason to talk about you and your work, a reason to plan and schedule, which will consequently push you to execute things in your business to help move you forwards, because of having such a focus on social media by getting involved in this challenge.

For example, the prompt post on Friday 7th August is 'Top Product'. This will force you to look at your numbers, to review what is working, it may surprise you, you may well already have know this information. It may lead you to find what isn't working so well, why is this? Is it time to discontinue that product line? Perhaps the link on your website is broken and that is why there is poor sales, it may lead you to fix that link! It may encourage you to re-launch that item in a different colour way to see if you can recreate the success of this top-seller again this season.

The prompt post on Wednesday 19th August is 'Customers / Feedback'. This will encourage you to look at those reviews and comments from your customers, to review what they love about your brand, but also what improvements you could make. This may have been on your to do list for a while, but hopefully this will encourage you to find the time and focus to do this. It may be that you don't actually have any feedback, is this a good opportunity to ask for some?! Setup a free 'Google My Business' page and ask for reviews on there, or ask your followers on Facebook to leave you a review. I hope this makes you proud also by looking back at the joy you bring people through your products!

Anyhow...I hope you get the jist! I hope this challenge, gives you focus for August, to help move you forwards. Any questions, please put them in the comment section below and I'll get back to you with the answers, because if you've got a question, it's likely others will have the same question to.

I CANNOT WAIT to see your posts and see who gets involved in this challenge and an extra opportunity to showcase yourself, at this unusual time for us all, where focus is needed to keep moving forwards.

There are 4 different colour ways you can chose from!! To get access to the Instagram Grid Post images then please setup a free Canva account and access them here. When using these templates, please reference @curatedmakers and use #POSTABLEPOPUP in all posts >> ACCESS HERE <<

If you find this challenge mid-month...please still join in! Either start from the beginning or start from when you find it. It's nothing strict...it's simply here to help you be creative and embrace the creative community :)

To find out more about our Postable Pop-Up, simply click here to read our most recent blog post!

To get involved and host your own pop-up as part of the event by using our pre-made templates, you can still sign-up here for just £6

Speak soon,

Megan x