Sssshhhh….It’s Quiet Hour at Trinity Leeds

We wanted to take a moment & tell you all about the Quiet Hour we are taking part in, alongside Trinity Leeds and their partnered local charity, Leeds Autism Services.

So what Is Quiet Hour?

Quiet hours are happening throughout retail spaces within Trinity Leeds, to make shopping a calmer experience for those who may find other times challenging or distressing.

Who can benefit?

The idea is that quiet hours can help those who live with Autism, Dementia, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD & other sensory issues. From feedback we’ve received, we’ve also been told that quiet hours can be useful for those with epilepsy, which is promising to hear.

So what are we doing to make quiet hours a reality?

At Curated Makers we want our space to feel welcoming, calming & joyful for all our customers.

During quiet hours we will turn off background music to allow people to browse without distraction.

Our lovely team will give you space to shop in peace & engage in a level of conversation that makes you feel comfortable. We will need to ask if you need a bag with your purchase & ask for payment before saying thank you & goodbye, but other than that we are happy for you to shop in silence if that makes the experience better for you.

Equally, if you’d like to have a chat with us or ask a question, we are always here for you.

We're happy to help in any way we can.

Each member of the team can be identified with a name badge & may even be wearing one of our fancy new aprons, so you’ll be able to find us if you need anything.

We also only take card payments which reduces time & contact at the till, if you’d rather not be dealing with cash.

So when is Quiet Hour??

Quiet Hour launched on 29th March 2022 & will be in place every Tuesday morning between 10-11am.

If you are unable to shop at this time, we can also suggest that weekday evenings after 6pm tend to be much calmer and quieter too. If you’d like us to pause the music for you, just let us know!

If you’d rather not visit at busy times generally, we would suggest avoiding Friday, Saturday & Sundays, especially during the afternoon.

If there’s anything we can do to make the store more accessible, we welcome any feedback or suggestions. Please feel free to speak to the team in store or contact us through the website or through social media @curatedmakers

We look forward to welcoming you instore soon.

The Curated Makers Team x

Written by Amanda @thehomebirdsweavingshed