#Postablepopup Winners... Meet Stacey!

On the 20th and 21st February 2021, we brought the fabulous craft community back together and hosted our fourth #Postablepopup market! We were ecstatic to welcome around 300 UK based, small independent businesses to our market over the weekend. The hashtag featured a vast range of products from self-care kits, to canine accessories to hand-crafted ceramics, all of which were beautifully presented from the comfort of each maker’s home. With physical markets not able to go ahead due to lockdowns, our online solution has created a community-driven event, that fosters real connections, encourages positive shopping small habits and provides a unique space for shoppers and makers to collide, and for small businesses to continue to show up and showcase themselves within a safe space online.

In the preparation for this market, we encouraged our makers to harness their creativity and really step outside their comfort zones in order to make the most out of the weekend. To supplement our guide of tips for creatives, we put together an Instagram challenge to push makers to experiment one step further online, whilst sharing more detail about themselves and their business with their customers. We were blown away with the responses we received and so began early our nominees for the next #Postablepopup Awards!

This time we hosted 6 awards and today we are proud to share with you our winner of the February 2021 Best Pop-Up Stall... Meet Stacey!

Stacey began her paper crafting business in 2019, just as she was also about to start her own family! From cake toppers to banners, flowers to greeting cards, Stacey intricate skills have developed to produce colourful products that put smiles on the face of every receiver! We fell in love with Stacey’s pop-up stall and named her our winner. She had clearly thought about how to showcase her products, from the use of levels, good lighting and pops of colour! This stall matches the fun and colourful nature of funny bones creations, and you couldn’t just scroll past it on Instagram, it stood out and demanded attention, which is what made her stall so successful.

Where did your love of your craft come from?

My mam is very crafty and I remember the walls of our home being covered in mine and my sibling’s pictures and paintings when we were little. My mam was forever letting us explore new mediums. She would sit and cut out lots of different objects/shapes for us to glue on to paper. Maybe that’s where my love of paper cutting developed.

What made you want to start your small business?

Funnybones Creations business idea began during maternity leave after a personal tragedy happened to my family, which made me see life in a whole new mindset. Becoming a first-time mam and the sudden loss of my younger brother within a 2.5 month period made me rethink my future and where I wanted to see myself and what I wanted to achieve not just for me but for my little family.

What is your favourite thing about taking part in #Postablepopup?

My favourite part about taking part is thinking up fun and exciting ways that best show off my product range as well as personality in my brand. I also love the wonderful package put together that you receive to help prepare for the market. It’s full of juicy nuggets like to help you succeed and make the best of the weekend.

Who or what has helped you stay inspired to create new work during lockdown?

Ebony Newton founder of Dotty Black @dottyblackgifts created a fantastic graphic that says “No one supports you like an insta pal you’ve never met” and it pretty much sums up lockdown with the online community. It’s been wonderful seeing everyone rally together and support each other during these strange times.

If you could choose any independent business, who would you love to collaborate with?

It would have to be with James Dixon founder of Lines Behind @linesbehind. His creative style is very recognisable and oozes so much character.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever made?

I would have to say my favourite product would be cuddle cards. My very first design was created during early lockdown and I was quite nervous because cards were a brand new avenue for me. It’s a cute little card with pop-out arms with a cut-out message on the card front and arms. However, my most favourite overall make would be designing and making my own wedding flowers from paper. This was before my small business and just a hobby of mine but it will still always be one of my proudest makes.

If you could describe your shop in three words, what would it be?

Quirky paper art.

What’s your favourite thing about owning a small business?

My favourite thing about owning a small business is definitely the flexible working hours. I have a toddler and a baby so balancing work and home life can be tricky but being able to pick and choose the hours I work and working around raising my children has its perks.

What advice would you give to fellow small businesses that you wish you knew when you were starting out yourself?

It’s not a race. Don’t fret over follower numbers and likes. Social media can suck you in especially in the early days when you’re trying to put your brand out there. I’ve learnt it's all about having genuine people who love your work and want to see you succeed and what you grow.


Thank you so much for sharing with us Stacey!

If you would love to find out more about Funny Bones Creations and see her latest designs then you can follow Stacey on Instagram or Facebook @funnybonescreations.

Want to see more? Then head to Stacey's Etsy store www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Funnybonescreations


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