• Megan

Made Local Markets...Coming Soon!

WE DID IT!! YOU have empowered and enabled us, to launch Made Local Markets. All thanks to a majorly successful Crowdfunder campaign, so THANK YOU for supporting us to get to this stage.

You have given us a boost of joy, a friendly pat on the back and a reason to carry on and get through this hurdle that we face, with our pop-ups currently not able to trade whatsoever for the past 3 months.


If you missed out on the campaign (as it has now come to an end) but would still like to donate to support us launch, I have added links below where you can do so easily. Thank you ever so much!


It has been an incredible experience. I had been thinking about launching a Crowdfunder for a little while. I had started many ideas and project pages, but never quite finished one and never pressed LAUNCH!! It's a pretty scary feeling, putting yourself out there like that. With a weird and wonderful idea of yours, that you never know what others will think.

COVID-19 forced me to have a go. It didn't matter if it didn't work, at least I had tried, I told myself. And my word am I glad that I did. I never imagined reaching our stretch goal, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this a reality!

You can find our full Crowdfunder project page here, where you will find our whole business story to get to this stage, along with the details of the rewards and future plans - www.crowdfunder.co.uk/help-launch-made-local-markets-by-curated-makers

Natwest have a campaign called 'Back Her Business' and will match fund any female ran, new initiative, up to the value of £5000, which of course needs to be approved by them. Because of this, my initial target was £1080, I needed to raise £540 from my lovely community, for Natwest to also add £540. If I had set my initial target of £2700, then I would have needed to raise £1350 and then they would have matched that...but I wasn't brave enough. I am thrilled with their £540 contribution so thank you to Natwest. This is not an ad! If you've got a new idea and are female, it's 100% worth exploring.

This gallery below highlights some of the key moments from the campaign; launching it, getting featured across Crowdfunder marketing activities, the very first supporters, the final day screenshot, fabulous people sharing our campaign, appearing on the Crowdfunder homepage as trending, Curated Makers newsletter send...all things I wanted to log and remember, as I tend to use Blogs and Instagram as a bit of a diary to look back at. Do you? It can't just be me!

So what happens next?!

Well, when the funds arrive in our account from Crowdfunder, then we're away! We cannot wait to buy the wood and make LOTS more of these fantastic stalls for SO many fabulous small businesses to pop-up behind. This is a prototype of the stall at present, so we now need to make this around 30 times over and decide if it's going to get painted, or remain a natural wood look. Decisions decisions!

If you would like to be kept updated with the build, the application process and details of dates and locations as soon as we are in a position to do so, please do follow us over on Instagram for all the details - www.instagram.com/madelocalmarkets

You can also find out all the latest updates via our newsletter, you can sign up to that here - www.curatedmakers.co.uk/subscribe


As part of the Crowdfunder, we offered small business owners the chance to back the campaign, and also secure a ticket to a future maker meet-up, as a win win for everyone! Of course, we're not able to set any dates as yet (which was SO unusual selling tickets to events with no date!) but will do so once it's officially safe to do so.

The meet-ups will go ahead in 6 different Cities across the UK...I know this doesn't cover the whole country but it's a starting point. I'm going to be heading to 6 different Cities.

  • Liverpool

  • London

  • Leeds

  • Manchester

  • Nottingham

  • Sheffield

The meet-ups will each go ahead on a mid-week day between 6-8pm so if you think that may work for you, in a few months time when it's safe to do so, pretty please consider booking a ticket. They are relaxed, informal, welcoming and great fun! They'll last 2 hours in a City Centre location. There will be a 30-minute talk from a fellow small business owner, sharing their journey, inspiration, hints + tips. This next part sounds daunting but it's surprisingly really fun...speed networking, which will see you speak to a minimum of 6 others for a few minutes to get the chat going!! It creates a real buzz and excitement in the room. If social distancing is still in place, which I imagine it will be, I will ensure there is enough room don't worry! A soft-drink will be provided. Most people come alone to these events, so please don't be shy. People at al different stages of business come, from those with an idea, to more established owners, we can all learn from one another. So whatever stage you'r at, if you'd like to meet like-minded people, the meet-up will be for you.

If you missed out, don't worry, you can buy a ticket to the meet-up below. Click the relevant link below to purchase your ticket and then drop me an e-mail at curatedmakers@gmail.com so that I have your e-mail address for when the dates are confirmed. I look forward to meeting you there!


Manchester - SOLD OUT! Register for updates


Since ours has now come to an end...I've rounded up some amazing Crowdfunder campaigns that are still live now and that resonate with me...I think you may like them too! But be quick, there are only a few more days left on some of these...

Thank you again for all of your support, I'll be in touch in due course with all supporters about your donations, details for the stall sponsorship, info about the meet-ups when we have some dates to share and I'll update you again once we host our first market so you can see it in action.

Take care and speak soon,

Megan x