Limbo Week Shopping

So here we are in the infamous limbo-week between Christmas day and New Year, and more than ever before, everyone is feeling a different vibe; some were lucky enough to have a Christmas day much as they'd imagined, while others are left with the lingering feeling of having only had a 'half Christmas'. By now most of the leftovers have been eaten, only the Bountys and the Eclairs are left in the tins and we've all worn in our cosy new socks & PJs.

Honestly I'm rather enjoying being at work today, while the Trafford Centre is eternally busy, the stores within are operating strict one in-one out rules that have, in one swoop, halted the usual chaos that many of us expect between December 26th & 31st. It's peaceful, still with the glow of fairy lights, less festive tunes than before, and people are browsing with their significant others, best friends, and the occasional child who promised they'd be good (and for the most part, I think they were telling the truth! Santa's magic lives on!)

While truth be told, I'm still keeping my eyes out for little extras ready for when I can see my family to exchange gifts, we still have so many lovely things in the Pop-Up for self gifting, new baby announcements and even getting a start on the redecorating many of us want to do once the tree has come down! So here's my round up of just a few items to help you start the new year right...

Adventure Awaits Shelf Decoration £15, Fern & Thistle

Not only does this just sing with optimism for next year (everyone cross their fingers please!), it'll also look great among all the new books you probably unwrapped this year - or perhaps just the ones you expected you'd have read by now with all that free time...

Stars Print Dribble Bib £7.99, Bibbly Boo

These do come in plenty of other prints but this is my personal favourite, it'll go with anything and is great for girls and boys alike. These waterproof bibs have also been chosen as the very best independent brand bib to be found so should help keep baby - and you - looking fresh all day.

Colourblock Rose & Sage A3 Print £25, Aimee Mac Illustration

I actually already have this print in my house so I may be a bit biased... but pink and red are such a gorgeous combo and alongside Aimee's signature botanical style, this is a match made in heaven for colour junkies and plant lovers alike.

150g Soy Candles £15, Old Man & Magpie

With a 25 hour burn time in this petite size, these classic Apothecary style candles do pack a punch! And with 9 unique scents to choose from, it won't be easy to choose. my favourites today are Workshop and Wild Fig & Cassis.

Medium Concrete Planter £18, PinkVine

Big enough to fit the average rubber plant, spider plant or an impressively sized succulent, these planters are the perfect meeting of polish and rugged-ness, much like concrete is out in the world. Different pigments are mixed in as these are being made, which encourages unique patterns and textures to develop on the surface of each and every one.

A4 Landscape Illustrations £12, Julia Seaton

These travel poster inspired artworks are a gradually expanding view of the overall British landscape. Choosing the right ones for your home is a deeply personal journey, with everyone coming to make their purchases recalling fond memories of family trips, day long hikes and childhood attempts at fishing.

Tie Rose £8.50, I Used To Be

A lovely accent piece for any shelf, desk or dining table, these roses are carefully sculpted from discarded ties. As well as adding a welcome pop of colour to your home, I Used To Be's zero waste ethos and the roses' eternal nature make them a lovely gift for the person who is committed to living kindly.

There's so many other locally made items here to give you or a friend a real boost, and do remember that a real person dreamt up and made every single thing we sell so you'll also be giving them a reason to smile in January. We hope all of you are well, and if you're able, we'd love to welcome you for a visit.

Address: John Lewis & Partners, Trafford Centre, Peel Ave, Manchester M17 8JL

Dates: Open until Sunday 3rd January 2021