• Megan

Inspiration for getting involved with #postablepopup

Thank you so much for interest in our next Postable Pop-Up which takes place on Saturday 14th November from 10am, until Sunday 15th November 10pm. If you've not yet signed up to get access to the templates and join in, you can do so here.

To gain access to the pop-up and to get involved, you can purchase access to the templates here. You will then receive the templates via an e-mail, on Monday 19th October, a month in advance to give you plenty of time to prepare for the pop-up. They will be available for you to edit very simply in Canva. So what next? You may be looking for some inspiration, so I’ve put together a brief checklist for you and also some popular FAQs to help you on your way, so here goes...

1. Setup a Stall From Home or Studio

Setup a stall safely at home to showcase your products; share pictures, stories, go live, whatever feels most natural for you! There are no real rules on this, it is for you to interpret however you wish. There are some amazing examples of previous setups over on our Instagram account from the previous events in May and August 2020. You can visit and follow here.

2. Use Our Social Media Templates

We have provided you with access to our pre-designed templates, for you to drag and drop in your product images, your logo, your prices, etc to personalise these for your brand. You can use these should you wish, alongside posts without using them, that's up to you. Again there is no pressure to use these, however they will make it simple for you to get involved and produce content with a consistent look and feel, to get involved with the #POSTABLEPOPUP campaign. A brief video of how to use the templates has also been provided. Canva is a free tool to use and also have many easy 'how to' videos to use...it's a fantastic tool to utilise.

3. Share on Your Instagram Grid, Stories, Newsletter + Other Social Channels

Over the weekend, share your posts on the channels that work best for you. Why not try a live video? Or a pre-recorded upload to IGTV? Be sure to tag @postablepopup in your posts and use #POSTABLEPOPUP so your posts can be found via the community hashtag. Each day we'll post our favourite 10 posts on our grid too! If you have a newsletter list, why not send an e-mail out on Saturday morning to alert your customers about the event and what you're doing to showcase your work? If you prefer Facebook to Instagram, use that! It's totally up to you how you interpret the brief, we just hope to help get you going!

4. Print Our Sign #postablepopup

Print out our sign to use alongside your stall, or to take a picture of yourself holding it, be creative! This has been shared with you, at the same time the templates were shared.

5. Support Other Small Businesses Involved

In the true spirit of collaboration, have a look at the hashtag and find other small business owners getting involved. It would be great if you could share their stalls too. Why not promote yourself on day 1 on the Saturday, then on day 2 on the Sunday, look to share your favourite 5 makers that you have found via #POSTABLEPOPUP This will create a positive sharing loop and hopefully you'll be shared by others too!


There is already an extensive FAQ section on our website, to show you exactly what to expect from the Postable Pop-Up? I have added some further Q+A’s based on the questions I’ve been asked over the past few weeks, to make sure everything you need to know has been covered. The answers are detailed! Make a cuppa and have a read of the FAQs.

You can visit the FAQ section HERE - https://www.curatedmakers.co.uk/postable-pop-up-apply

Last events there were over 2000 uses of the hashtag over the weekend each time, which was incredible to see. Let's see how the event rolls out this time, I'm so excited to see your setups!

Have fun with it!

See you on the 14th November,

Megan x