How to Find Curated Makers in Trinity Leeds

“I want to visit the shop, but where are you?!?!”

Okay, okay, yeah, I get it *maybe* we should say where we are a LITTLE bit more?

I mean we have this amazing shop, stocked full to the brim with brilliant, independent, local small businesses and sometimes it’s easy to get distracted with how just brilliant they are, and okay we sometimes, maybe, just a little bit, forget to actually mention WHERE IN THE WORLD WE ARE!

Well worry no longer, it’s a good job you’ve got me, I’m a Leeds girl born ‘n’ bred and I can tell you exactly how to get to us. Our official address is;

Curated Makers

Trinity Leeds

Ground Floor

27 Albion Street



Now you can stick that in your Google maps but it’ll only get you so far, so, here I am to help!

First things first, as per the address we are based in the Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre!

Looks nice that dunnit! This photo is actually a great starting point! We are on the same level as M&S, so depending on where you enter the Trinity, you’re either on the right level (using the entrance from Commercial street, think WHSmith) or needing to go up one level via the lift or escalators (for entrances from Briggate, Albion Street and Boar Lane, but be aware Boar Lane entrance has steps leading up, the lift is just next to them next to Holy Trinity Church)

annnnnnnd you’re in...well nearly! I promise it’s not as complicated as it is to write down.

You’re going to want to follow the green arrows on the next photo and make your way down towards Office and the Lego shop (perfect for kids and big kids alike) and the newly opened Miniso.

After just a few more steps you’ll spot us on the left, opposite Moss Bros, all ready for you to explore and get those gift inspirations, as well as a little treat for yourself because why not? You managed to follow these directions so you might as well get something for your trouble!

You’ll also find more blog posts about our brilliant stock on here, I’ve said the makers and creators are great haven’t I???


Now, when I was writing this I sort of fell down an internet hole! I was trying to think of how long the Trinity Shopping Centre has been opened and what was here before it, and then it hit me, it was the Burton Arcade and the Trinity Street Arcade!!! Absolutely iconic 90’s Leeds, remember the flooring? The inside outside feel? What a blast from the past!

Blog by: Loren

My name's Loren & I think I might be one of the only people working on the team who isn't a maker! Don't get me wrong, I love being creative, but these guys are next level. I'm a facilitator by nature, I want to help you achieve your dreams, be your number 1 fan and I do that way better than I could by making something!

Pre pandemic I used to work in the theatre as a Stage Manager, again a facilitator role which I loved with every fibre of my being, and something I still dabble in now! I used the pandemic to do two things-

1. Retrain to work in education

2. (And the biggest and best by far) have my little boy!

Working with Curated Makers gives me the freedom to support my family & still be involved with the arts! I'm able to work around my other commitments within education and it's honestly a win win for me!

So if you need a hand in the shop, looking for that perfect gift, or treat yourself moment, I'll be there to cheer you on and advise you! Cos, not to infringe on copy rights, but - 'you're worth it!'