Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I don’t want to panic you, but Father’s Day is fast approaching. Dads are renowned for being difficult to shop for, but fret not! We’ve got gifts galore at Curated Makers, so I’m back once again and I’ve done all the hard work for you (as someone who has been told I should have been born a Dad due to my punderful sense of humour, I believe I am uniquely qualified). So have a read, and you might find the perfect something to show your unique and amazing Dad your appreciation, while also supporting a small business. (Now that’s a win-win!)

Manu - Shower&Soap Bar Sample Set

Manu is one of our newest makers here, and we love the smells of their soap bars - which double up as shampoo!? All the flavours are delightful, so if you can’t decide which one your dad would like best, the sampler set is a great choice. It has all the flavours in mini form, so your dad can try them all! And it gets better - they’re made from all natural ingredients, with those with sensitive skin in mind.

Art by Arjo - Football Stadium/Cricket Ground Art Prints

In this sport-loving country of ours, the odds of your dad being a football or cricket fan is fairly high. If your dad is football mad, Art by Arjo has art prints of all sorts of different football stadiums, such as Hillsborough, Emirates, Anfield and many many more! If you’re more of a local to Leeds, your dad will surely love Arjo’s Elland Road or Headingley Cricket Ground (don’t call me Shirley).

Only Willow - Bottle Opener

If your dad loves cracking open a cold one at the end of the day, these bottle openers are great little gift for him. They are handmade by Only Willow, and have a variety of different engraved messages - you can opt for a classic “It’s beer o’clock somewhere”, or an affectionate “you’re amazing”, or a “granddad’s beer” if that’s your grandpa’s style as well. I personally would go for “save water, drink beer” - because I’m eco-friendly like that.

Mr PS - PAPA and DADA handkerchiefs

If your dad or grandpa likes to carry a handkerchief around in case of a nose-related emergency, look no further than Mr PS. They have created hankies that your grandpa will love to whip out of his sleeve with a dramatic flourish, to save the day from a runny nose. Lord knows it’s hay fever season, so the timing is perfect to grab this for your Papa or Dada.

The Hide Ranger - Card Wallet, Cable Tidy, Everything Bowl

This pick is for the dads who just can’t seem to get organised. Always missing his card right when you’re about to pay for something? Electrical wires strewn about the place in a disheveled manner? Always panicking about lost keys? Well, don’t you worry, because The Hide Ranger has you covered - if your dad is still losing things and tripping on wires after getting him these, he’s got no excuse!

Luke Horton - Art Prints

Does your father have a space in the house that sorely needs some decoration? For this, Luke Horton is a great choice - both for dads who love a splash of colour, or for those who prefer the monotone look. My personal favourite is titled “If tha loves me, let me sleep” (see below), which I imagine is a mood that many dads out there can relate to (particularly new fathers).

Luke Horton - Father’s Day cards

If your dad is also the spider catcher in your house (thank you, Dad!) then grab him a Luke Horton card. You can match it with the Luke Horton print you just got him! How very coordinated of you.

Me&Thee - Mug, Keyring, Coaster

If you want to get your dad something that’s particularly aesthetically pleasing, grab a matching set of mug, keyring and coaster from Me&Thee - so if your dad has ever been even slightly grumpy, he can never escape being called a mardy bum. Me&Thee have such a wide range of products, so if mardy bum is not quite the right fit for your pa, he may be more of a gaffer, or bugger lugs, or even a bobby dazzler. Why not mix and match?

Ren & Thread - Dog Dad Coasters

Not all fathers have human children. (That’s a weird sentence.) Regardless, we have the perfect little gift for your pup’s papa - coasters! Ren & Thread have created coasters in a very wide range of designs, from golden retrievers and springer spaniels, to dachshunds and pugs. So now you’ll have to come in and find the right one for your pooch’s pa!

This Thursday - Animal Art Prints

Is your dad a nature lover? Does he sit in the garden and watch the various starlings, bluetits and goldfinches visit the bird feeder he spent a lot of money on? If your answer is yes (my answer is also yes), the British Garden Birds print from This Thursday would be right up his street! If birds aren’t his thing, This Thursday has a wide range of animal prints, including collections of sharks, bears, turtles, monkeys… you name it!

This Thursday - Animal Cards

It’s the day before Father’s Day, and you got his present sorted a while back… but you just realised, you forgot a card! Fear not, This Thursday comes to the rescue once again. Go for the bear card if your dad is the snuggly type, or the bird card if… well, if your dad’s sense of humour amounts to laughing at the word “tit” every time without fail.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your Dad or Grandpa this Father’s Day.

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Thanks for reading! My name is Mattie and I’m an artist/illustrator based in Leeds. I am a traditional painter working with watercolour and acrylics. Find me on Instagram!