Dinosaur Gifts That Can't Be Tricero-Topped!

It's summertime in Leeds, and time to start thinking about entertaining the kids during the summer holidays. If you’re looking to get the family out in the city for a bit of exploration, then look no further than the Jurassic Trail!

Returning to Leeds for another year, the Jurassic Trail will be taking place from 30th July - 4th September, and there are 12 gigantic dinosaurs to be found across the city centre (download your map at www.leedsjurassictrail.co.uk). To celebrate the return of these Cretaceous creatures, we here at Curated Makers have stocked some dinosaur-themed items that any fan will surely love! (You may be thinking, can I fill this article with dinosaur puns? You bet Jurassican!)


Here at Curated Makers, we have a plethora of dinosaur prints, so there's something for everyone. Do you have a little one who is already dinosaur obsessed? Lily Windsor Walker and Luke Horton have some prints that'll add some colour to the kid's room. Then there's Charlotte Eldred's positive print, featuring a bunch of funky dinosaurs telling you that you're roar-some! Check out Sophie Heywood's dinosaur-themed alphabet print, which is not only gorgeous but also sneakily teaches your little one the alphabet, and introduces them to all sorts of dinosaurs. (What do you call a dinosaur with a large vocabulary? A Thesaurus!) For those who have already learnt their letters, firstly congratulations! And secondly, get your hands on a BeeMancunian print, for a dinosaur with an air of regality.


If you're looking to plant the seed of dinosaur obsession early on, or just want to express your own plesiosaur passion, check out Altered Chic - their wooden dinosaur wall decorations come in subtle, earthy colours, and are a simple but elegant way to spruce up any space. Or maybe you have a hankering for a hanging decoration? Felt Factory have adorable felt dinos in a range of bright colours, and Irene & Edith make beautiful, delicate ceramic hanging dinosaurs. Would you like your hanging dinosaurs gift raptor not? (I can't be stopped.)


We all know the stress of trying to find the perfect birthday card, but worry not! We have a selection of new card designs for the dinosaur lover in your life - Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures! Want a card with a bit of fuzz to it? Felt Factory's leafy card has that box ticked. Looking for cards with goofy dinosaurs wishing birthday greetings? Both Charlotte Eldred and Luke Horton have just what you need. How about something without writing, so you can dictate your own message? Lily Windsor Walker's are light and bright, and Lydia Meiying's are well drawn and undeniably cool. We've got it sorted!


For the creative types who are partial to a prehistoric theme, Sprinkle of Nature's crayon bag is the perfect gift to keep creative kids occupied. To decorate your bag, we have badges galore from Sophie Heywood and Lydia Meiying, and stickers from Lily Windsor Walker. For drawing every dinosaur you can name, or for writing your first epic novel, look to Lydia Meiying's awesome notebooks - and with any purchase here at Curated Makers, you receive a free dinosaur colouring-in postcard! Perfect for getting started with those crayons.


For the dinosaur fan who loves to accessorise, we have a few makers who make truly pterrific Jurassic jewellery! Both Magpie's Daughter and Grey Collective have gorgeous earrings and necklaces decorated with tiny, intricate dinosaurs, in gold and silver. Prefer a splash of colour? Then check out Silly Loaf's dangly dino earrings and studs. They're so pretty, I dino how they do it!


We are delighted to have some clothes return to the shop, in the form of these funky dinosaur t-shirts! For the little ones, Natasha Cole has a-roar-able tees decorated with some very wholesome dinosaur pals. Fret not, grown-ups, because Thready or Knott has two embroidered t-shirt designs on offer - a monstera plant, and a triceratops on a skateboard - both of which I have been obsessed with since I saw them. (I did actually cave and buy one of each, because how could I not?)


Everyone, pray for my health - the chocolate is here, and I have zero restraint. The Brown Bear Coffee Shop is back and supplying delicious chocolate in a variety of shapes and sizes; from mini packs of white, milk and dark dinosaur eggs, to chocolate dipped marshmallow lollipops, and everything in between. Who doesn't want to eat a cholocate T-rex whilst pretending to be a giant? If you find yourself suddenly inundated with chocolate (I've been there), Sparrow Road is here to help with their cute dinosaur-themed sandwich wraps (to contain your copious chocolate supplies), and face cloths (for after the chocolate feast) - and they're reusable!

If you've read this far, thank you! And sorry for all the puns. (I'm not really sorry.)

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My name is Mattie and I’m an artist/illustrator based in Leeds. Find me on Instagram! @matilda.slade.art