15 fabulous gifts for under £15!

These days, buying from small businesses is more important than ever. Here at Curated Makers we believe that supporting local artists and makers should be affordable, and with Mother’s Day on its way, here is our guide for shopping small on a budget!

Keep scrolling for my personal favourite items in store at Curated Makers in Leeds Trinity, all available for less than £15!

1. Hot Chocolate Jar, £5.95 (The Brown Bear Coffee Shop)

Having tested these myself, you can trust that these jars are absolutely delectable! Simply add hot water for 3-4 mugs of rich hot chocolate, coming in a wide range of flavours from your classics, to orange dark chocolate and white chocolate and cherry. There’s a flavour for every chocolate lover, and they make for a fantastic gift (or a treat for yourself)! Fancy something smaller? We also have mini hot chocolate stirrers, to dunk in warm milk, for only £3.50. What’s not to like?

2. Yorkshire Sayings Coaster, £4.50 (Me&Thee)

EY UP, DUCK! Do you need an appropriately Yorkshire gift for your favourite lad or lass? Look no further than Me&Thee, who have a wide variety of coasters. Be reyt, your Bobby Dazzler will see their new Mardy Bum coaster and exclaim “Chuffin ell! By eck, tha’s gorgeous!” And then I’ll shout nesh in a panic because I’m a southern wazzock and I am learning Yorkshire through these coasters…bugger lugs.

3. Bath Bombs, £3 (Nära)

Ever wanted to bathe in a tub full of rose petals? You can get the next best thing, a rose geranium bath bomb, for only £3! Nära bath bombs also come in ginger and black pepper, grapefruit and neroli, and bergamot and lemongrass. If you fancy a wider variety of flavours, Nära bath salts are also a steal at £7.50. Go on, spoil yourself! (Literal rose petals not included…)

4. Room Spray, £12.50 (Solu)

One thing I can say with confidence about Curated Makers is that we smell delightful. Solu’s room sprays are just one reason why! They come in four scents, my personal favourite being the raspberry and black pepper, which I spray in the shop constantly to keep us smelling fruity and fabulous! I also made my brother get that spray for Mother’s Day so that I can use it at home, as well as at work (don’t tell my mum)… What can I say? I’m obsessed, and for good reason.

5. Yorkshire Notebook, £12 (Luke Horton)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can NEVER have enough notebooks. Luke Norton’s are the perfect gift for your studious northern uni friend, or your Yorkshire- and list- obsessed parent, or anyone who wants a notebook that reminds them that you CHUFFIN LOVE them! Brb, I’m off to buy more notebooks.

6. Birth Month Flower Stem, £8 (Betsy & Els)

For a more personal gift, the stems from Betsy & Els are a beautiful, delicate way of saying “I love you, and I remembered which month you were born in.” These decorative flowers are a perfect addition to your home, and look lovely in a little vase. Plus, they’re bound to spark a fun argument about whose birth flower is best (shout out to November Winter Jasmine)!

7. Purse, £8 (Millie Rothera)

Do you have a friend who is notoriously overrun with change and coins? Well firstly, there are definitely worse problems to have, but more importantly we can solve that problem for you! Millie Rothera’s purses are jazzy, colourful and hand sewn in the perfect size to slip into a handbag or back pocket. Plus they’ll make your friend jingle while they walk so you can always hear them coming.

8. Geometric Necklace, £12 (Red Paper House)

All the jewellery created by Red Paper House is handmade in Leeds, and these geometric necklaces are no exception. Made from sustainable birch, these find the perfect balance between colourful and stylish, and are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Come and find the perfect shape and colour for you in store, before I start buying them all on my lunch break!

9. A5 Art Prints, £10 (Lorna Robey)

We could all do with a pop of colour in our homes, and for this I turn to Lorna Robey. All her prints are thoughtfully designed, beautifully printed and packaged using eco friendly materials. My personal favourite is her dreamy Umbrella print design, but we have a variety of her designs in store. So come in for a good old rummage and you’re bound to find something you love!

10. Stud Earrings, £8 (Silly Loaf)

If you’re looking for a small, joyful gift for the most colourful person you know, you’ve come to the right place. Flowers? Got ‘em. Rain clouds? Those too. Ducks? Teacups? Watermelons? Covered! There are even little “ee bah gum” earrings, in case you forgot we’re flipping Yorkshire and PROUD. Silly Loaf’s entire jewellery line is perfect both for the young, and the young at heart.

11. Photo Holder, £4 (Concrete Jungle)

Polaroid cameras are cool again, people (trust me, I have a teenage sister who reassures me that this is the case). If you know someone who is as trendy as I clearly am (ignore that I just said “trendy”) and has found their prints and photos are beginning to pile up, send a Concrete Jungle photo holder their way. They’re simple, handmade, and do exactly what they say on the concrete tin.

12. Glass Dish, £15 (Twice Fired)

Are you looking for something equal parts beautiful and delicate? The glass dishes from Twice Fired are hand blown and are a perfect home for tiny knick-knacks. Now the weather is starting to warm up, they can also hold tea lights for outside - dainty, ornamental, and in various designs, come and find the perfect one for your mum this Mother’s Day. (Gift these to your clumsy friends or relatives at your own risk!)

13. Mini Motivators Stitch Kit, £14.95 (Make & Mend)

Mindfulness. Embroidery. Two words not often found in the same sentence, but combine them and you get the delightful Make & Mend. If you have a friend who could do with both a hobby and a pick-me-up, a Mini Motivators Stitch Kit would be the perfect gift. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating something, but Make & Mend also sell their own embroidered affirmations (although they’re over £15 so I’m legally not allowed to mention them… You’ll just have to come in to see them!)

14. Bookmark, £8 (Knottinger)

Whether you’re an avid reader, dipping back into a book or somewhere in between, we can all agree that using discarded receipts and scraps of paper as bookmarks is not good enough, and you deserve better, damn it. Enter Knottinger, who creates hand woven, dainty bookmarks in gorgeous soft colours. Which colour is best? None, they’re tied. Am I a comedy genius? A frayed knot. I’ll see myself out.

15. Tea Towel, £13 (Maggie Magoo)

There aren’t many tea towels out there that really catch my attention. (Never did I imagine I would ever say a sentence like that.) However, Maggiemagoo‘s are truly eye catching - with patterns drawing inspiration from nature, these make the perfect gorgeous gift for anyone who fancies sprucing up their kitchen. I almost wouldn’t want to use them, they’re so lovely!

Not sure where to find us? We are situated in the Trinity Centre in Leeds on the first floor, opposite Moss Bros. and along from Crêpeaffaire. Open 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday, and 11am-5pm on Sundays - we can’t wait to see you!

My name is Mattie and I’m an artist/illustrator based in Leeds. I am a traditional painter working with watercolour and acrylic. I mostly work on commissions but am keen to create some otherworldly, ethereal illustrations of my own design. Find me on Instagram: @matilda.slade.art

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