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Meet the staff and individual team members that are the heart of this great business. Our bloggers are an unbelievable source of information, all here to bring you the best, and most interesting content. We come together from various backgrounds in order to create an interesting and innovative blog. Learn about the team and the work they are doing for Curated Makers.

This positivity slice from _myrodoodles is a lovely little reminder that I keep on my desk to remind



Doodles. Positivity Slices.

Our lovely friends over at _gribbinandbear have some extremely exciting news and we cannot wait to w

Food + Drink Producer

Gribbin and Bear

Infused Gin. Preserves. Cordials.

The deadline is approaching to make sure you receive the next issue of _thehappynewspaper _31st Marc


The Happy Newspaper

Happy Products. Positivity.

Introducing our beautifully handcrafted soy wax vegan candle maker...jpg

Candle Maker

Wilton Street Craft Co

Soy Wax Vegan Candles


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